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Vandeyacht Family

About Parkside

Parkside Luxury Apartments is owned and operated by a tight knit family of 8 brothers and sisters who live in the area. The Vandeyacht family brothers and sisters took a leap of faith, purchasing farmland to build the Valley's premier luxury apartment community.

The first 24 Apartments were completed in 1995 with the last and most luxurious of the apartments being finished in 2003. In every phase of construction, people signed up for apartments even before the buildings could be completed.

The 8 brother and sister owners who make up the Vandeyacht family, have stuck together to make Parkside what it is today. We are strongly knit in business and in life. All of the family members reside between Combined Locks and Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin. They are able to keep the ties that bind as strong as ever. Parkside Luxury Apartments is the testimony of this strength.

Our Mission

The Vandeyacht family feels strongly about quality and community. They are in this business for the long haul. Building expensive buildings such as these reduces the initial return on the investment, but over time that investment will pay for itself with less maintenance.

Why Choose Us

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What makes Parkside Luxury Apartments so special? According to residents Dean and Ruth Mudrak, "Parkside is special to us because we enjoy the beauty of the lake and grounds." Doctor Tom and Mary Elson put it this way, "We love the people. And we also love the management because they are so flexible and cooperative. We love the facilities, the work out room and walking around the lake. We feel very much at home at Parkside."

Our residents vary from interns fresh out of college, to a large majority of working professionals, to retired citizens. With the hustle and bustle of life in the year 2000 and beyond, our residents enjoy not having to care for landscaping, snow removal and maintenance. Resident Muriel Shiff puts it best when she says "My greatest joy is looking out the window watching someone else mow the lawn." With Parkside staffers doing the work, residents can instead spend their valuable time doing more important things for quality of life.

A large percentage of the Parkside residents are here to stay. There are several residents who even take personal responsibility for the lake, making sure it is stocked with fish and managed successfully.

What We Offer

All of our Parkside apartment homes are spacious, from 1200 square feet to 1486 square feet. The prices range from $840 to $1180 with many options to spare. These apartments are more along the style of condominiums than apartments. They all feature attached garages and private entrances. They each have their own individual gas forced air furnaces and central air conditioning.

The office boasts a community room, library, dry cleaning service, and fitness center. Residents can relax on our large patio overlooking the lake.

With exceptional customer service, 24 hour fire alarm monitoring system, 6 1/2 acre lake with fish and walking trail, and the beautiful landscaping, Parkside Luxury Apartments is a cut above the rest. Our 160 apartments are sprawled over 27 acres of land, making the amount of apartments per acre less than all of the rest. Our landscaping is beautiful to behold.


"Your service and cooperation during our stay has been outstanding."

- Schott Schaller, North Shore Golf Club

"We had the opportunity to live in four apartments in other states and in Europe the last five and one-half years and I wanted to tell you that our experience with Parkside has been our best experience. We appreciate the exceptional 'customer service' that we have received from you."

- Steve and Jean Weiland

"The apartment is all that I could have asked for. It is clean, spacious and bright, and with the washer and dryer, it truly is all-inclusive. The furniture is more than I had expected for a furnished apartment, and you have provided all the necessities that make this my home."

- A.J. Scargall, Brillion Iron Works, Inc.

"From my experience I can tell you that I have not seen a better combination of value and amenities than Parkside Luxury Apartments. Your staff's dedication in everything from maintaining the immaculate landscaping to providing assistance during my transition to Appleton is greatly appreciated."

- Brian Smith, GE Power Systems

"I knew I did not want to own a piece of property, and my time here has proven I made the very best choice. I do not miss being a homeowner. It is so much easier for me, not to have the care, maintenance, and upkeep that ownership requires."

- Muriel Shiff

"Thank you for your choice in staffing Parkside with individuals that are sincerely committed to quality service and making each resident feel they are a welcome addition to the Parkside Community."

- Deputy Sheriff Doug Abbott, Winnebago County

"The area along Lake Park road is very scenic and open for fresh air. The proximity to the 441 Highway, to major supermarkets, and several new stores was a definite plus for us."

- Denis Grimard, Kimberly-Clark Corporation